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Ch Tollgate Lady Be Good
(Ch Tollgate Skip Away x Cisseldale Rosebud)
This little lady’s breeding contains a double helping of the
incomparable Kirkwood Top Brass from her sire Skip, added to a
doubling-up on Ch Briggsdale Gold Eagle, Skip’s grandsire.  The
last quarter adds mom Robbie’s completely unrelated Cisseldale
dam. Lady did pretty well in that lottery, getting Robbie’s absolutely
outstanding coat and color along with her dad’s pretty head and
ears.  Lady finished quickly in the East during the spring of 2011.
Her back could be shorter and her tailset higher, so we’re hoping
for those improvements from a breeding to Ch Cheshire Bear N It
Ch Tollgate Sweet Tooth
(Ch Tollgate Princequillo x Ch Tollgate TaWee)
Sweetie finished on July 19, 2008 at Beaumont KC in Houston.  Now
retired from the show ring, she has embarked on a new career as a pet
and brood bitch.
A daughter of my reliable sire Prince, the showy Miss
Feather finished easily in the competitive East in the capable
hands of Armando Morales.  She is a sweet-natured girl of
correct size with a particularly pretty head and expression
and my particular favorite pet. Good tailset, good coat and
somewhat light bone complete a very feminine picture. To
improve her babies, we’ll go to a dog with especially good
bone and a short back.
Ch Tollgate Bright Feather
(Ch Tollgate Princequillo x Ch Tollgate TaWee)
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This bitch was denied a championship by one point through an
armband number mixup, of all things, a problem not discovered until
she was almost six!  Champion or not, Robbie has as engaging a
personality as any Welsh I’ve ever met, along with nice substance,
marvelous coat and typey head and expression.  She is the last
daughter of Briggsdale’s beautiful Gold Eagle and has contributed
both his quality and her very sweet Cisseldale disposition to her
puppies.  Now retired, Robbie has a fabulous home in San Antonio.
Cisseldale Rosebud
(Ch Briggsdale Gold Eagle x Ch Cisseldale Shasta)
Ch Tollgate Awesome Feather
(Ch Tollgate More Than Ready x Ch Tollgate Bright
Awesome is the fourth generation of champion girls
originating with my foundation bitch Ch Rattletrap Tollgate
Moccasin.  A good show dog, she's turned out to be a
great mom and pet, now that her show days are over.  She
is distinguished by a great coat, nice head, good tailset and
excellent movement.  As the sole offspring of Ch Tollgate
Bright Feather, a favorite of mine, she's particularly
precious to me.