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Useful Welsh Websites
Bardi's Books
Not much has been written about the breed, but your most reliable source of Welsh Terrier
knowledge is any book written by Bardi McLennan, the doyenne of the breed in the United States.

  • The Welsh Terrier Leads the Way -- Her masterwork on the breed, a complete guide to
    the history, temperament,  training, grooming and management of the Welsh Terrier
  • Dogs and Kids – Not just about Welshes, but full of good advice
  • On Good Behavior --  Title is self-explanatory
  • The Welsh Terrier – (for Kennel Club Books) A guide for the first-time Welsh Terrier owner
More Books – I love books!
  • Earthdog Ins and Outs (by Joan Frier-Murza)  -- The bible of “earthdoggers,” those who
    want their dogs to experience their real vocation – going to ground.

  • Grooming the Broken-Haired Terrier (by Arden Ross) – Originally published as a series of
    articles in Terrier Type magazine, this is an exhaustive softcover guide to show grooming.

  • The Welsh Terrier Handbook (by I. Morlais Thomas) – Rare, and of mostly
    academic/historical  interest.  Chronicles the history of the breed  until about mid-twentieth

  • Born to Win (by Patricia Trotter) – The author is a breeder of great Norwegian Elkhounds and
    an AKC judge.  An invaluable book for anyone interested in breeding outstanding dogs.

  • The Puppy Puzzle VIDEO (by Pat Hastings) –This video  explains the system I trust to
    evaluate 8-week-old puppies for structural/show quality.  The same information and much more
    on developing the show dog is included in Pat Hastings’ book Tricks of the Trade.

  • The Control of Canine Genetic Diseases (by George Padgett) – A demanding book written
    by a geneticist who holds passionate opinions.  Good science as well as good inspiration for
Welsh Terrier Club Of America:  The parent club’s site – not updated often enough, but still the best
place to start when looking for breed information and reliable breeders.

WTCARES:  WTCA’s very well-organized rescue arm.  Lots of info here available dogs and the
problems and rewards of rescue WTs

Canadian breeder Pat Fleury’s site has lots of pictures and breed information, including a particularly
lucid discussion of ear setting.

Hapitails is a very successful Eastern kennel owned by the Leamans and Richard Powell .  Lots of great
pictures and information.

Briggsdale: I keep mentioning Briggsdale on my website because Dick and Glenna Briggs’s original line
is behind every dog I have, usually on both sides of the pedigree.  Breeders of both Airedales and
Welsh for many years, the Dick and Glenna have been good friends to me and to both their breeds.  
Dick also does wonderful sculptures, as you’ll see when you visit the site.

CornerStone Terriers: Kim Ward’s first Welsh was the redoubtable Molly (Ch Rattletrap Tollgate
Moccasin), who gave her a start in the breed as co-owner with me.  Kim, like me, has been mentored in
the breed by Dick and Glenna Briggs.  However, unlike me, Kim and husband Malon also breed good
Airedales under the CornerStone banner.
Art & Design
Whether you need flames (or dogs) airbrushed onto your car, a logo, sculpture, drawing, painting or
watercolor of your dogs, consult
Catherine  MacMillan!  An eminent breeder of Mini Schnauzers, she’s
also a talented artist.

This essay also appears as the Welsh Terrier breed column in the AKC Gazette, February 2009