Ch. Kirkwood Top Brass

(Ch Kirkwood Killian x Ch Colwyn Cloud Nine)

Ben -- The Best. Healthy, Beautiful, Great Temperament, Prepotent Sire, Great Show Dog. Shown at age 4 ½ winning the WTCA National Specialty

Ch Cisseldale’s Radar

(Ch Spellbound x Ch Cisseldale’s Scarlet)

An excellent show dog in his day, Radar’s contributions to us have been his great temperament and wonderful coat and color.

Tollgate Welsh Terriers
Ch Briggsdale Gold Eagle's Pedigree

Ch Briggsdale Gold Eagle

(Ch Briggsdale Rowdy Randy x Ch Briggsdale Gold Nugget)

The last of the Briggsdale Rowdy sons. Contributed to his beautiful coat and color, correct size, balance, movement, and great personality. We were fortunate to be able to breed to him, even if only once. Shown as a youngster, age 1 1/2

Ch. Rattletrap Awesome and Some

(Ch Kirkwood Top Brass x Ch Briggsdale Cherokee Dancer)

Awesome contributed his lovely head, good coat, and remarkably good rear to his daughter Goldie, along with a strong Briggsdale pedigree influence.

Ch Rattletrap Awesome and Some's Pedigree
Ch Tollgate Benchmark's Pedigree

Ch Tollgate Benchmark

(Ch Tollgate Princequillo x Ch Tollgate TaWee)

Not a breeding dog for me, but he inherited his excellent coat, color, showy attitude, and stable temperament from the sire, dam, and grandsire. Shown at a year old finishing his championship.

Ch Tollgate Princequillo

(Ch Briggsdale Gold Eagle x Ch Rattletrap Tollgate Moccasin)

A more compact version of litter brother Rollicking – great head and ears, expression, coat, and color. Excellent front. Prince is a funny guy and a wonderful pet, too. Shown as a young dog, at two years old. 

Ch Tollgate Princequillo's Pedigree
Rollie Hatboronew

Ch. Tollgate Rollicking

(Ch Briggsdale Gold Eagle x Ch Rattletrap Tollgate Moccasion)

Shown at age 5 going BOS at Hatboro during the WTCA national specialty weekend.

Ch See’s Ready to Go

(Ch Kirkwood Top Brass x Bodkin Sugar Dancer)

Indy, the most accomplished son of Top Brass to date, has enjoyed success in show rings both here and abroad. He is proving to be an excellent sire and, like his dad, a sire of sires.

Ch See's Ready to Go's Pedigree
Felstead Falcon's Pedigree

Felstead Falcon

(Ch. Felstead Forerunner x Felstead Fair Charmer)

A son of Forerunner, Falcon (Tommy) is in Saskatchewan, where he owns Pat Fleury of Cymro Welsh. Much-anticipated breeding between Falcon and Goldie didn't result in live puppies, not Tommy's fault, though!

Eng/Am Ch Felstead Forerunner

(Felstead Frosty Fella x Felstead Miss Eyeful)

These two Felstead dogs are mainly here for "eye candy," I want to add to my dogs when another Felstead dog becomes accessible to me. The line is famous for its wonderful mild temperament, greatcoat and color, beautiful typey heads, and general elegance.

CH Felstead Forerunner's Pedigree

Ch Tollgate Skip Away

(Ch Tollgate Princequillo x Ch Rattletrap Tollgate Gold Beauty)

Skip finished with a BOW at the Galveston KC show on July 20, 2008. Since finishing in July 2008, Skip has picked up a Group 4 and a Group1. 

Ch. Seebest Celtic Black Knight

(Ch Celtics Gaelic Rogue x Ch Andover Fanta-see)

This lovely dog is an outcross sire for me. Correct size, good head and ears, tail set, good coat, and mild temperament. Tollgate Quillo Queen (Queenie) was bred to him in summer 2008. Unfortunately, this beautiful young dog died in 2011.

Ch. Seebest Celtic Black Knight Pedigree

Ch. Cheshire Bear N It All

(Ch. Shaireab’s On Your Honor x Ch. Sun Oak Double Jeopardy)

An outcross sire for me, this WTCA national specialty winner, multiple Group winner, and Best in Show winner is a well-put-together fellow with a calm disposition, good substance, short back, and high tailset. Most importantly, he is a true gentleman with other dogs of both sexes, a quality I am actively seeking to enhance in my dogs. This picture showed him a few years ago, but he is still just as good looking. As a 7-year-old, he won Best Veteran Dog at the 2011 Montgomery County WTCA national specialty.

Ch. Tollgate More Than Ready

(Ch. Tollgate Princequillo x Cisseldale Rosebud)

This beautiful, active young fellow finished in two weekends with four majors while under the care of Armando and Gris Morales. He combines the confirmation and showy presence of his sire Prince with his dam Robbie's marvelous coat and extra-sweet temperament. He will someday be a huge asset to some lucky family with lots of kids!


Ch. Abbeyrose Jersey Boy

(Ch. See's Ready to Go x Ch. Abbeyrose Angel of Hapitails)

This strapping son of Ch See’s Ready to Go (Indy) reminds me a lot of his dad. Indy is a son of the breed-shaping sire Ch Kirkwood Top Brass, a dog who appears in all my pedigrees. Jersey Boy himself contributes lots of substance, calm temperament, good coat, and movement in addition to some new British blood from his dam.

Ch. Tollgate Bear Hunt

(Ch. Cheshire Bear N It All x Ch. Tollgate Lady Be Good)

What to say about Mr. Bear? Son of a national specialty winner. Good show dog with excellent type. As possibly the sweetest Welsh Terrier ever born, he is beloved by everyone. Unusually good with even tiny children, an uncommon quality in the breed. We hope he will pass on his excellent qualities to his recent babies.


Ch. Tollgate Star Guitar

(GCh. Abbeyrose Jersey Boy x Ch. Tollgate Lady Be Good)

This big, beautiful-moving boy has greatcoat and color and a disposition that causes us to call him "our Airedale." He bears a striking resemblance to his sire, though the show ring was never Star's favorite place! He's mellowed with other dogs, even with same-sex dogs, and loves kids.

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