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I am Becky Eterno, a small hobby breeder of
high-quality Welsh Terriers for show and pet, with
a good number of  homebred champions.  I often
groom and show my own dogs in conformation,
but also use handlers.  We've had quite a bit of
show success with fairly limited show
opportunities.  I try to show Tollgate dogs during
our national specialty weekend in Pennsylvania
most years, where we've made a good showing
against the best company, sometimes even with
me at the helm!

After nearly 10 years in beautiful Texas, we are
back in Longmont Colorado.  Our new place is
east of twin peaks, with beautiful views, but much
work still being done.  Stay tuned for more
All our dogs rotate as house pets – we typically have 4 or 5 adults here.  
House life is a great civilizing influence on typically rowdy Welsh Terrier
youngsters and a treat for all the dogs.  Oldsters especially love the soft
life of couches and tidbits in the kitchen.

Having a limited amount of kennel space, I can accommodate only a few
dogs and two litters of puppies a year at most. I am breeding to improve
my stock, provide myself and others with show dogs and, of course,
provide a few well-chosen families with good-looking, health-guaranteed
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Tollgate News - January, 2021

The Covid lockdown remains, but we're all
well.  Meanwhile, transporting dogs out of our
immediate area is on hold.

Puppy Plans

We have no puppies currently available.  The
next likely breeding will be in the spring with
puppies available in late summer.

contact us with any questions about
Welsh Terriers, the information on the site, or
the availability of Welsh Terriers.
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