Our Herd - Past and Present
My first 4 Dexters arrived late in 2002.  We were a textbook
“small place” perfect for this breed, with only 10 acres of
pasture and not much irrigation water available. I feed a lot of
hay, beginning in summer when my grass is gone. Right now
we have 10 animals, though 6 adult cows and a bull are my
ideal numbers.  We calve in fall, which has worked out very
well.  I prefer black, horned Dexters, with a few duns for
variety.  While I have both long and short leg, I prefer a small,
but proportionate animal.  LC Farms Spike, the sire of our
2007 calves, is CD-free; we’ll be testing his offspring to
determine their carrier status.  
LC Farms Spike
2008 Calves

Our move to Texas put quite a crimp in my breeding.  
Our old sire Spike didn’t move with us, leaving sire
duties to the very young Whistle R Ten Fidy, a CD-free
son of the gorgeous dun bull Shome Rowan.  Spike bred
a couple of cows before we left CO, resulting in 2 Texas
bull calves.  When the rest of the cows were bred by Ten
Fidy and will calve, I have no idea, though probably late
summer for most of them. Things were pretty
disorganized around here right after the move!